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The Giardino Pantesco symbol of the sacred relationship between man and nature

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G.Pantesco_internoEven winter, when the wind blows and shakes the sea with white waves breaking on the rocks, it is pleasant to walk through some trails in the territory of Pantelleria and remain surprised at how much variety of color has caught the eyes. While the sea around you, the other is the green vegetation, is the black of the many stone walls that enclose the property, is the yellow of the lemon trees and cedars, is the 'orange of oranges and mandarins who reign supreme in the delightful gardens of Pantelleria. The care and reflections focus on these walls, fortresses comparable to the circular shape about 4 meters high with a diameter of about 2.5 meters, created by expert hands almost by engineers of high precision, but dictated by necessity, then as now, to defend themselves from wind and drought. When the island's economy was based only on those products that a land barren, but equally lavish, was able to offer its inhabitants, here is the human intelligence is able to adapt to the climate and environment in a combination that only had be able to meet the needs of all. In every property that meets as often adjacent to dammuso property, the garden was created Pantelleria, surely import Arabic, in order to retain the moisture of the night in it, during long periods of drought and stifling, to defend the 'citrus tree that reigns sovereign in it, by the strong winds that often blow on the island. What better engineering skills, ability to ensure that the microclimate suitable for the fruiting of trees that represent jewels, to churn out juicy fruits and jams today gladden the eye and the palate of those who are lucky enough to see and appreciate their quality.

This is Pantelleria, always open to the most surprising discoveries in an area that stands out in all its naturalness and where the hand of man has settled masterfully intelligent without ever violating the natural features that are worth to use its land and love him with all the strength that only the elements of nature, have the power to confer the soul.

Antonietta Valenza


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