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News and Events

On this page you will find information gathered for you by Vivere Pantelleria on news and events concerning the "Daughter of the Wind". Keep in touch with the many summer town festivals, and especially with all of the events linked to the sea and to the land, the two elements with which this island holds a relationship of love and struggle for survival in a surprisingly lively way.

You will also be updated here on all sports that may be performed on the island: scuba diving in the deep blue Sicilian Strait waters between Europe and Africa in particular, but also the wonderful mountain hikes amidst the island's extinct volcanoes and surrounded by unique wildlife and vegetation. You will also find all you need to know on entertainment, clubs, live music, parties and all that is worth the while living in Pantelleria.

  • Expo 2015 - Milano Expo 2015 - Milano - Vivere Pantelleria 01 May 2015 -31 October 2015 Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Italy will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015 and will be the biggest event ever organized and Nutrition. Expo 2015 will be an opportunity to reflect and discuss several attempts to find solutions to the contradictions of our world: on one hand there is still the hungry.
  • BIT 2015 - Milan 12-14 February BIT 2015 - Milan 12-14 February - Vivere Pantelleria 12 February 2015 -14 February 2015 Although 2015 will see us working at the International Tourism Exchange, confirmed always at Rho, Milan. For Vivere Pantelleria confirms participation that has lasted 9 years, at one of the halls of the... Read more ›
  • OPENING SALES SUMMER 2015 OPENING SALES SUMMER 2015 - Vivere Pantelleria 19 January 2015 Vivere Pantelleria by Why Not Travel is pleased to announce the official opening of sales for the 2015 season! Discover all the news!
  • I LOVE PANTELLERIA - Stunning images of the island in one click! I LOVE PANTELLERIA - Stunning images of the island in one click! - Vivere Pantelleria 01 January 2014 The largest photo database on the island of Pantelleria! An amazing collection of photos, videos and news about Pantelleria Pantelleria created by some young people. A site that is growing every day with... Read more ›
  • Charm of autumn to Pantelleria Charm of autumn to Pantelleria - Vivere Pantelleria 01 October 2013 -30 November 2013 PANTELLERIA: Autumn charm
    Sun, ideal temperatures, the magic of Wind, the grape and olive harvest, flowering succulent plants throughout the island, saunas and thermal baths, tranquility, peace, relax, clear... Read more ›
  • The Giardino Pantesco symbol of the sacred relationship between man and nature The Giardino Pantesco symbol of the sacred relationship between man and nature - Vivere Pantelleria 28 February 2013 Even winter, when the wind blows and shakes the sea with white waves breaking on the rocks, it is pleasant to walk through some trails in the territory of Pantelleria and remain surprised at how much... Read more ›
  • Race of the spears Pantelleria Race of the spears Pantelleria - Vivere Pantelleria 01 June 2011 -16 October 2011 Every year between June and October to Pantelleria evokes an ancient festival that celebrates a very impressive spectacle that has as protagonists the sea, the men, but above the canopy, against the... Read more ›
  • PACKAGE DAFNE + FLIGHT + RENT Package including flight to / from airports available in Pantelleria + Scooter or Car surcharge + 7 nights in Dammuso Daphne....Read more ›
  • Pacchetto Luce + volo + noleggio NOVITA' 2016!!! SETTIMANA 4-11 GIUGNO DA MILANO MXP EURO 756,00 A PERSONA! Pacchetto comprensivo di volo a/r da aeroporti...Read more ›
  • Pacchetto Cielo + volo + noleggio SUPER OFFERTA PRENOTA PRIMA SETTIMANA 11-18 GIUGNO DA VENEZIA EURO 553,00 A PERSONA! Pacchetto comprensivo di volo a/r da...Read more ›