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The Island of Pantelleria

A pearl that emerges from the clear and beautiful waters of the Mediterranean: Pantelleria is a volcanic island located between Sicily and Africa, a beautiful jewel that will enchant every visitor for the extraordinary beauty of its landscapes and its peculiarities traditions.

Located just 50 km from the African coast and about 70 km from Sicily, the island of Pantelleria is also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean because of the lava: it is the emerged part of a volcano whose last eruption events date back about 9000 years ago when the last major seismic events are dated at the end of 1800.

The area offers interesting archeological attractions, among which the famous "dammusi": old houses now converted into comfortable rural tourist accommodation.

Come to find how to stay in a charming island of Pantelleria dammuso, without losing the chance to try the spa and wellness of the specialties of a rich and delicious cuisine.

On days when the mistral winds blow or the west, and the temperature is cooler, one interesting point is to start the discovery of archaeological sites where the origins of man has managed to leave its mark: in particular the remains of a majestic civilizations in the landscape of Sesi, a village located south west of the island where they were built with huge blocks of lava rock, the tombs of dignitaries and village chiefs.

The neolithic village, located in San Marco, lovers of archeology offers the possibility to discover a very interesting system Punic cisterns, where they were discovered the famous Imperial Heads, as well as amphorae, the remains of ancient lava millstones carved by artisans Phoenicians and all that marks the passage of peoples who have been able to build what today is part of the island way of life of communities.

And gastronomy occupies a prominent place in the traditions of the island system: the culinary tradition of Pantelleria, which dishes can be tasted in the many restaurants, reflect the contributions of the various peoples that have dominated the island over the centuries.

A special place for dealing with the delicate bitter Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and mint leaves and a "pesto Pantelleria", tomato sauce with fresh parsley and garlic. Comes from nearby Africa, couscous fish accompanied by vegetables and legumes, served as a main dish. The famous capers find accommodation, especially in salads accompanied by Tummo. The dessert entrusted to Mustazzola, the fried sweet ravioli and pasticciotti, accompanied by the intoxicating drink of Pantelleria Passito under a starry sky to the sound of crickets.

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