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Dammusi are typical houses of the island of Pantelleria: quadrangular features structures with a cover in white dome, which in addition to giving it a characteristic appearance and enhance their appearance, is also functional to the maintenance of an optimal temperature to 'interior of the house: the heat tends to concentrate in the upper part of the structure, thus maintaining the fresh and pleasant environment. In addition to this, the dome of the dammuso is useful to collect rainwater which are then channeled into the underground cistern of which each flat is fitted.

The dammusi of Pantelleria are the legacy of the Arabs who conquered the island in the year 845: the dammuso name derives from "damus", literally "time extrados"; dammuso the term indicates, however, today the entire building.

Built with local volcanic stone, the dammusi definitely represent an early example of sustainable construction, as the result of an intelligent design that has made them adaptable to the conditions of the island: the wind and heat, the lack of rain, the difficulty in finding and transporting traditional building materials and the opposite wealth of lava material. These houses give special recognition and to the landscape of Pantelleria, and now represent an original and charming housing solution for tourists and travelers who want to stay on the island feeling really immersed in the bush spirit.

Vivere Pantelleria is here to help you make your vacation even more magical, finding the dammuso is best for you: comfortable and elegant rooms, amazing sea views, privacy and tranquility. The dammuso of Pantelleria is the perfect place to spend relaxing moments in the charming ambiance of the island.

The dammusi are surrounded by colorful rich vegetation, a real feast for your eyes: palm trees, vineyards and olive groves that make the place a nice break from the bustle of everyday life. Book now your dammuso, for an unforgettable holiday in Pantelleria.

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