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Arrival 22-05-2022
Departure 29-05-2022
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The Grotta del Freddo

The locals also call it "U pirtusu du nutaru", the notary's hole. It is found in the peculiar hamlet of Bukkuram. It sinks deep into the rocky mountainside, to the right of the road, between two Arab gardens and behind a chestnut tree.

The underground access to the cave is rectangular and narrow, so one must crouch down to pass. Once inside you suddenly notice a crack in the rock that tells us that the cave was formed by a movement of magma. You may walk for about twenty meters into the mountain but further exploration is difficult and almost impossible, nobody knows what is hidden beyond.

Probably the crack continues for another kilometre and opens somewhere on the other side of the mountain. The crack is crossed by cold windy breezes that make the water on the humid cave walls evaporate and temperature is very low. The Grotta del Freddo is especially appreciated on very hot scirocco days.

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