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Arrival 18-05-2024
Departure 25-05-2024
Guests Adults: 2 Children: 0

Archaeological Itinerary

The remains of many peoples are visible in this land apparently wild , but visibly populated : civilizations that have occurred over the millennia , leaving each of them an indelible mark on the landscape , where the remains of pottery or tools derived from various famous obsidian , were often found evidence of the interest particular to the island , bridge between two continents, so decisive in the history of civilization.

Pantelleria preserves archaeological sites set in beautiful and picturesque landscapes , fossils of ancient peoples who have exploited the volcanic island for its resources and its strategic location. All testify to the painstaking work of a man who over the millennia has always used the resources of a land avaricious and prodigal to a tempo.E for this year made ​​a mine of culture.

" Archaeological Itinerary "
An unusual journey that will introduce you to a Pantelleria not imagined !

The route that we propose , in collaboration with specialized guides , follows in the footsteps of the first inhabitants of the island , the " Sesioti " from life in the Bronze Age huts to their necropolis , formed by " sixths " , monuments unique in the world . From Cossyra contention during the Punic Wars to the splendor of the Roman Empire with its marble , its public buildings and its acropolis.


    INFO and COSTS

    * Recommended clothing
    - Sneakers
    - hat
    - Camera
    - water

    * Cost for person
    € 15.00

    * Duration of the course
    1h 30 ' / 2 hours there .

    * Why attend
    To live fully Pantelleria , knowing the treasures that offers the hinterland .


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