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Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions we get asked about the services theagency provides travelers Living Pantelleria, for example, the reservation of the stay indammuso or transfer service to and from airport / port of Pantelleria. For each question there isa comprehensive response that will allow you to loose all your doubts, just click on it and the text will appear in the answer to this without loading a new page.

We have tried to compile a list as comprehensive as possible, of course, but it may be that your questions do not find this solution. In this case, please feel free to contact us using the form that you can find in the contacts section of this site.

Living Pantelleria offers several solutions to buy a charter flight:

- Contacting the agency
email ( or phone (0923-916307 int.1 or 2)

- Bank transfer
payment in full no later than 24 hours of booking, to be confirmed by sending the amount of payment or by fax or e-mail.
Approximately 48 hours before departure will be sent, again via e-mail in pdf format, to call the airline to be printed and hand-check bugs in the day of departure

New for 2012!
- On.line with your credit card: one more solution for easily reaching Pantelleria, from the first click!
After a few minutes, accept the payment, you will receive on email (you have previously indicated) the invitation to be printed and delivered to the airline check-in on the day of departure.

Visiting the website and clicking on the How to Arrive section of the top application bar. By clicking on the Parking Reservation button you will be able to reserve an indoor or outdoor parking place, close to the departure airport taking advantage of our special customer prices.

The check-in is opened 2 hours before take-off time. We recommend clients to check-in as early as possible since the flight is closed 40 minutes before take-off. Passengers must be at the gate at least 25 minutes before take-off. If these limits are not respected, the airplane company holds the right to cancel the reservation and refuse boarding.

The passenger must arrive to the check-in counter with a valid passport or id and the pdf ticket print sent by the agency. Expired documents will not be accepted. If the first name(s) and surname on the passenger's document are not the same as the name on the passenger's reservation, the passenger will not be checked-in and will not be refunded. It is possible to change the name on the reservation without any extra charge only up to three days before the departure date.

The weight limit for luggage for adults and children 2 years and older is:
10 kg
hand luggage + 20 kg hold luggage for passenger
for those traveling to / from Bergamo and from / to Venice both operated by Volotea;

7 kg hand luggage + 23 kg hold baggage for passenger
for those traveling to / from Rome (Fiumicino) with Alitalia.

5 kg hand luggage + 20 kg hold baggage per passenger
for those traveling to / from Milan Malpensa and / or Bologna with Avion Express.

Infant passengers (0-23 months) have no right to carry checked luggage (only stroller)

The deductible of hold baggage provided is per passenger, personal, not cumulative and / or shared with that of other passengers or may not be combined and / or shared upon check-in with that of other passengers of the same flight in order to avoid payment of the supplement provided for excess baggage beyond the relief provided.

Passengers are required to mark with your name and address all the luggage to be checked-in as required by the authority.

Pushchairs, prams and travel cots can be brought up to the ladder and / or at the door of the plane where they will be taken into custody by the crew and stowed.
However, you can deliver them at the check-in with your luggage, if desired. Pushchairs, prams and travel cots are not included in the baggage allowance and for their transportation is not charged any fee.


On our charter flights, you can carry luggage tags as a special diving equipment and / or musical instruments, etc.. provided they meet certain requirements:

Equipment for underwater fishing
If placed in their hold baggage and weight NOT exceed the limit of 15 kg: Free
If placed in their hold baggage and the weight exceeds the limit of 15 kg, you will pay 8.00 euros per kilo excess.
To make a neck apart, dedicated solely to the equipment, the cost of shipping is $ 90.00 for up to 27 kg (with or without tanks) each way.
For the transport of oxygen tanks, they must be empty with valves ready to be opened. The diving knives should be packed in checked luggage of a passenger, or they will be confiscated.

Musical Instruments
Height: 115 cm Max.
Weight: 15 kg max.
Cost: 30.00 euros at the airport, one way.
Supplement for each kg in excess, euro 5.00 (up to a maximum of 30 kg).

NB. Only the cello, along with the box size not exceeding 50x30x135cm can be transported on board, paying an extra seat and always behind mandatory request to the tour operator, who will evaluate the admission aboard the flight, with the consent of the carrier Mistral Air.

Windsurfing board
Cost: 70 euros each way
For every kilogram in excess of over 15 kg will be charged an extra 10 euros each way.
They are allowed a maximum of 3 items. The attacks decono be removed, the "fins" removed / closed, the length should not exceed 4.75 m and the weight 27.5 kg.

Surfboard and Kitesurfing
Cost: 40 euros each way
For every kilogram in excess of over 15 kg will be charged an extra 10 euros each way. All attacks must be removed.

Cost: 30 Euros each way (per package)
Weight: 15 kg max.
The bicycle must be properly packaged. The front wheel must be removed, the handlebar rotated in line with the frame and both pedals must be removed or rotated inwards.
If the / the neck / s over 15 kg for each package, you will pay 5.00 euros for each kg in excess.

Golf Equipment
Cost: 50 Euro per bag, each way
Weight: 15 kg max.
The equipment includes a bag containing golf clubs and a pair of golf shoes. For every kilogram in excess of EUR 10.00 will pay more.

Charter flight cancellations and refunds are not allowed, but based on the purchased fare there is the possibility of change of date and / or name with or without penalty:

In the case of purchase Price Promo, there are no changes names and / or date change: the case then these circumstances occur, no refund will be made.

In the case of the purchase Price Economy, will be possible for a trade name and / or date, during the current programming, with a penalty of EUR 50.00 per person.

In the case of purchase Price Flexy will be possible for a trade name and / or date, during the current programming, without any penalty.

Any tickets purchased but not used and therefore will not be refunded, but can, through our agency, take out cancellation insurance with the company Globy Mondial Assistance.

Home -> matte "on.line Book" -> label "Dammuso or Hotel":

- Enter the date of arrival and departure
- Number of interesting people (indicate number of children, if any)
- Select the category of dammuso or hotel, or "All" (for an overview)
- Select departure airport
- Select the means to hire
- Clicking on "Check availability", you will see all available properties with a first indication on the price per person.

Continuing, you must choose the type of supply available (or Superprice Booker Price from Catalog). You can select, if any, even more promotions like The Honeymoon or offers for the Over 60 - Senior. Then you will see a summary of the chosen period, the participants included and then clicking on "Calculate price" is evincerà if the departure is real or is available on request. You can then display the total cost of the package and / or individual services.

By clicking "Continue" will insert all the required data (mandatory ones are marked with a red tab). Accepting that we suggest to read the Rules, together with information on privacy, you can click on "Continue". You'll have 24 hours from the time of confirmation option to make an advance payment by bank transfer or full payment if you prefer to pay by credit card, thus confirming your reservation.

The deposit required for booking is 30\% of the total room / package. The balance is due no later than 15 days prior to arrival by bank transfer. You can also decide to send in a lump sum the total amount of stay / package. In the event that the reservation should be done in the 15 days preceding the date of 'arrival, full payment will be required.

If you decide to use your credit card payment will be all in one solution with the site link PagOnline systems Unicredit Bank of Sicily.

Trip Cancellation Insurance "all risk"


People insurable
Globy ® insures people:
- Domiciled or resident in Italy;
- With legal capacity at the time of the signing of the bill

In case of accident
The Insured or whoever it is
a) advise:
- Globy ® in accordance with the individual guarantees. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in partial or total loss of the right to compensation (Art. 1915 Civil Code.);
- To all the underwriters, if you take out more insurance on the same risk, indicating the name of each other (Art. 1910 Civil Code.)

b) make available to Globy ® all relevant documentation to the investigations and inspections, although not expressly provided for in Article. 1.6


Commencement and operation
The warranties from the date of booking or confirm but documented services, or, at latest by 24.00 hours on weekdays (including Saturdays) immediately following that and are working up to the first use of contractually-provided service.

In the case of Withdrawal / Change to Travel - refund penalty
The Insured or whoever it after canceling the trip, at the Agency where he was booked, must give notice to Globy ® within 5 days of the date on which the event occurred, giving, regardless of mode of complaint ( telephone, online or written):
a) number of this policy;
b) personal data, social security number of the payee, pursuant to Law 248 of 4 August 2006 and address;
c) name and address of Bank, IBAN, SWIFT in the case of foreign account holder, and the current account by the holder of practice, if different;
d) objectively documents proving the cause of the waiver / modification in the original, if the medical certificate must contain the disease and the address where the person is found sick or injured;

and even further:
e) documentation proving the link between the Insured and any other person who has given the waiver;
f) catalog and / or travel program with its Rules of Criminal copy;
g) contract with travel receipts, a copy;
h) statement of reservation and a penalty issued by 'or-Organizing Board of the trip, a copy;
i) the travel documents in original, 100\% penalty.


Download file "Insurance Allianz - Yellow Globy" complete

Terms of the contract of sale of packages


The reservation request must be made on the appropriate form of contract being compiled elettronicaattraverso link to website of the organizer. The organizer receives the reservation request, send the confirmation of services by submitting a travel contract to the client, who agrees to return it signed together with the organizer of the bank transfer on account within 24 hours. The particulars of the package is not contained in the contract documents, brochures or other media
written, will be provided by the organizer in fulfillment of the requirements of articles. 87, comma 2 Cod.Cons. before the trip.


Payment for packages purchased online is by making a bank transfer iban the coordinates given by the organizer to be made within 24 hours of booking request. At the time of booking is required to pay a deposit equal to 30\% of the price of the package and the balance is requested 15 days from the date of travel. Failure to pay the debt for which the dates set out above constitutes termination clause as to determine, from the organizer the right resolution.


The consumer may cancel the contract without paying any penalty in the following cases:
- Making use of the right of withdrawal for distance sales of tour packages as described in section 21 (see Download file "Cancellation Policies" complete)
- In the case of a price increase referred to 'art. 8 in excess of 10\%;
- In case of significant modification of one or more elements of the contract objectively as being crucial to the enjoyment of the tourist package considered and proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of the contract but before departure and not accepted by the consumer.
In the above cases, the consumer has the right to either:
- Make use of an alternative tourist package, at no extra cost or with the return of the overcharge, if the second package has a value lower than the first;
- The refund of the amount already paid. Refund must be made within seven working days of receipt of the request for reimbursement.
The consumer must communicate his decision (to accept the change or withdraw) no later than two business days from the moment he received the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express notice within such period, the proposal made by the organizer is considered accepted.
If the consumer cancels the contract before the departure outside of the assumptions listed in the first paragraph, will be charged - regardless of the payment of the advance in art. 7 - the individual cost of management practice, any amount of insurance coverage already required at the conclusion of the contract or other services already rendered, and the damages at the rate indicated below:
- 10\% of total services up to 60 working days before departure;
- 30\% of total services from 59 ° to 30 ° day before departure;
- 50\% of total services from 29 ° to 15 working days before departure;
- 75\% del'importo total services from 14 to 7 working days before departure;
- 100\% of the total services after that time.


The organizer is liable for damages caused to consumers due to total or partial performance of the contract, whether these be performed by himself or by third party providers of services, unless he proves that the event was caused by consumer (including initiatives undertaken by the latter during the performance of travel services) or by circumstances beyond the provision of services under the contract, by accident, force majeure, weather conditions, or circumstances that organizer could not, according to professional diligence reasonably foresee or forestall.

The customer agrees to reach the island of Pantelleria by air carrier, it is stated that the airport of Pantelleria has no instrument landing systems for which the land is practiced only in conditions of good visibility.

The customer accepts the possibility that any inconvenience and / or delays due to weather, poor visibility or strong winds, damaging the arrival at the scheduled times.

The seller who has already booked the package will not, under any circumstances for the obligations arising from travel, but is only liable for the obligations arising from his role as intermediary and at the limits applying to such liability under current rules in the field.


Download the "Cancellation Policies" complete

The moment you confirm the booking, you can print your own quote in pdf format with the specific situation and the arrival rate maturities and amounts. Once the transfer payment, please send a fax or an e-mail stating that your payment.

Upon receipt of the balance the other hand, Vivere Pantelleria Ltd will send in electronic form, the voucher and air ticket, if any, to be submitted to our staff at the airport and / or agency on the day of arrival.

In case of payment by credit card, you will be sent automatically to the email address provided, the / vouchers purchased services. If you buy the package with a credit card, even the plane ticket to be printed and delivered directly to the check-in on the day of departure.

Vivere Pantelleria Ldt takes care of Guests by sending a member of its staff to the airport/harbour. Our staff is easily recognisable for wearing our uniform and holding a sign that reads Vivere Pantelleria.

Our advice is to rent a car/scooter at the moment of reserving your Dammuso (when you are not taking advantage of one of our all-included packages). In this way you will be able to find it ready for you at the airport. Once arrived, please present yourselves at one of our supplier car rental counters, with your rental reservation voucher, a credit card and a driving licence. You will be presented with a means of conveyance chosen for you by the rental agency's staff. We would like to remind you that rentals are for 24-hour periods.
For example, if you rent starting at 9AM on your day of arrival, it must be returned prior to 9AM on your departure day. Thanks to a special agreement with the supplier car rental agencies, Vivere Pantelleria clients may return the car with up to one-hour delay.

Transfer to the Dammuso is taken care by either the Dammuso owner or a member of Vivere Pantelleria's staff, for clients who rent a car or a scooter. For the latter we will take care of transporting the luggage both at arrival and departure times that must be agreed the day before.

We remind you that our services are limited to arrival and departure to and from our structures. We do not carry out transport to and from Dammuso that are not run by us nor to and from hotels that are not inserted in our catalogue.

Our Dammusi are provided of bed linen, bathroom and kitchen with weekly. The towels (bath towel, face / guest towels, shower mat), will be changed, only in classes and categories Elegance, also on Tuesday / Wednesday. Dammusi in Cat. Elegance, will be equipped with sea / pool towels with weekly. The guest will find the well-arranged structure and clean upon arrival, for those who wish, the cleaning can also take place in mid-week, for payment to whom it may concern (Service to be booked before arrival). The dammuso is left tidy and clean, as found on arrival day.

Within each accommodation facility are available all the crockery, in order to consume their meals and all have barbecue in the walls or furniture and outdoor shower. You will find the refrigerator and turned on the water heater.

Each Dammuso has a water cistern that is filled by rainfall during the winter. When the winter water stock finishes, a tanker that transports drinkable water from the island's desalinator to the cistern carries out supply. Water is a precious good on the island, please use it with care. It is drinkable, but usually bottled water is preferred for drinking.

The Dammuso must be left by 10:00 am on the departure day. Check-in is possible from 2:00 pm on the arrival day. We are in direct contact with the housekeepers so than we can monitor the cleaning process. If this takes less time, access to the Dammuso may be anticipated.

We remind you that a Dammuso is a big structure with various and articulated inside and outside spaces, the cleaning process hence takes longer than for a simple hotel room!

From the day you arrive, the Vivere Pantelleria staff will be available at the office to aid you with information on the island and to organise any trips. We are available all day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday and from June to September, for any information, restaurant reservation, and typical itineraries: all that will make your stay a Vivere Pantelleria signed holiday.

The Vivere Pantelleria Agency is located in the heart of the hamlet of Scauri, in 45 San Gaetano Street, easily walked to from the square behind which you may park your car or scooter in the public parking area.

All shops are located nearby (tobacconist, supermarket, bar and restaurants) except for the ATM and petrol stations, which you can only find in main town Pantelleria.

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