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Arrival 17-04-2024
Departure 24-04-2024
Guests Adults: 2 Children: 0

Pantelleria Weather

The weather forecasting page proposed by our website is always complete and up-to-date and forecasts are based on the most recent forecasting models. We indicate the changes in different variables for eight daily time slots as well as other details that are rarely found in ordinary weather forecasting pages.

Wind speed and direction, for example, very important factors on an island on which the wind rarely ceases to blow, or the relative humidity rates and the meters of visibility (important in case of critical conditions concerning landings and dockings) and, finally, the temperature perceived, to enable you to see how Pantelleria's climate is cool in the summer and mild in the winter, the ideal weather for a restful holiday.

Next Day
Day Weather Temp. Wind Probability of rainfalls
Tuesday 05 Mar Min. 11.0 °C Max. 17.0 °C NW 9.5 m/s 10 %
Wednesday 06 Mar Min. 9.0 °C Max. 16.0 °C NW 5.9 m/s 10 %
Thursday 07 Mar Min. 10.0 °C Max. 16.0 °C SE 1.6 m/s 10 %
Friday 08 Mar Min. 13.0 °C Max. 19.0 °C SSW 3.0 m/s 10 %
Saturday 09 Mar Min. 13.0 °C Max. 17.0 °C SE 5.1 m/s 10 %
Sunday 10 Mar Min. 13.0 °C Max. 19.0 °C N 3.9 m/s 10 %
Monday 11 Mar Min. 12.0 °C Max. 16.0 °C NNW 3.2 m/s 69 %