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Opened its new headquarters Vivere Pantelleria!

On January 31 it took place the opening night and blessing of the new premises of Vivere Pantelleria. Many have participated in sharing the joy, the result of the sacrifices made for the realization of the project.

"All this was possible - said priest Vincenzo Greco, - thanks to the enthusiasm, harmony, balance of Vivere Pantelleria components, this is an offer of life for the island and its culture: a tourism in its proper dimension. And 'an agency of men greeting other men. "

Such a beautiful restoration has been possible thanks to the work of Eng. Antonello Ferrante and the Arch. Anna Giustolisi.

"We started with a very nice facility - said Eng. Antonello Ferrante - which lent itself to become more beautiful. At first the structure is highly degraded showed, beyond any imagination. What I wanted to make the agency is an example for all the urban center of Pantelleria, where it would be nice to recover other equally beautiful structures. It must all - underlined Ferrante - the fussiness of Giuseppe Giglio and enthusiasm of Antonietta, not to mention Danilo ".

The Arch. Giustolisi thanked the lily family for the confidence that has been granted "total confidence with which my role as a designer was respected. I was immediately fascinated by this property, strong load. I wanted to keep the guidelines of the time and leave the entrance to the stone wall, the starting point for the colors. "

Fabrizio Giglio recalled how the Agency is born as a joke in 2001 with a website.

"We had then only four structures, whereas now I manage nearly sixty for a total of about two hundred people. We had started before me and my mother Antonietta, then my brother Danilo, finished school, he wanted to take the situation in hand. The headquarters of Scauri not leaving, we opened Pantelleria to offer a service for travel and air ticketing. We wanted to create a harmonious place where customers can come and visit us for the pleasure of a cup of coffee ".

Danilo, who was not himself for the joy of the opening of this new office, said that it has come about thanks to the great sacrifices of his entire family, highlighted the role of his father Joseph who work behind the scenes and you It dealt with the problematic branch of the bureaucracy.

"Thanks to this expertise we have gained access to a European fund. We want more and more to invest in the territory, giving the best, by promoting more and more Pantelleria. "

Antonietta Valenza told how the Agency is born from the strong synergies that the family has been able to work with individuals, each in its field.

"Only the best things together and neighbors are out, we have to believe hard to want something. And 'why I always recommend to my students and that we have applied in the family first, always remaining united with the dialogue. "

Salvatore Gabriele – Direttore Pantelleria Internet


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