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Arrival 06-07-2020
Departure 13-07-2020
Guests Adults: 2 Children: 0

Cala Levante

Pantelleria's Eastern Coast, orientated precisely towards north-east, is the dream place for the ones who love light that plays with the blue of the sky and the sea.

Cala Levante is one of the many ravines repaired on this coast from where you can admire the magnificent sunrise of the sun rising from the sea, immersed in an atmosphere of suspended time and the scenic beauty of nature between Stack and artistic forms of the Arch 'elephant that stands on the sea.

The Clublevante, owned by the legendary drummer of DikDik, Sergio Panno, stands supreme in the area of ​​the east. From the pool you can admire the gleaming Faraglione under the morning sun.

The complex of dammusi Lemons and Loggia, cat.elegance and along with the dammuso Ginestra, in cat. classic just 1.2 km away, you can go on foot, for the most trained in the paths not flat! Just 1 km the dammuso Vigneti, cat. classic.

the dammuso Mulino, in cat. jeans, located at the center of the district of Tracino, offers good sea views, convenience for essential services and away from the creeks of the east and north of just 2 km.

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