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Arrival 28-05-2024
Departure 04-06-2024
Guests Adults: 2 Children: 0

The Spa

The island's surface is alive with secondary volcanic activity consisting in hot water vapour outflows. The most important of these phenomena is the Favara Grande, on the sides of the Montagna Grande. It is reached by following a naturalistic route immersed in the Mediterranean maquis. Other places where this phenomenon may be observed are Kuddia Mida, the Grotta del Freddo in Bukkuram, and the natural sauna of Benikulà.

Loves of every aspect of nature are free to reach any of these regeneratig places as a perfect conclusion of a day of sea and sport.

A total holiday is possible all year round on the island. Swimming is possible outdoors even in the winter in to the hot - 50°C - thermal water pools of Gadir, in Sataria's Cave, in the harbour of Scauri, In Nikà and in the Specchio di Venere Lake.

The latter is found in the northern area of the inland. It is supplied by rainwater and thermal hot water springs. Bathing is allowed in this natural beauty farm of greenish black mud baths. The mud is rich with therapeutic thermofphilic algae and sulphur deposits and is used to cure the skin.

The Lake – The Mirror of Venus

Bugeber's Lake (or, Specchio di Venere – Venus' Mirror) is one of the jewels of the island. Its water sparkles like a light blue and green gemstone amidst a... Read more

The Gadir

Gadir creek is on the north-eastern side of the island. The breathtaking landscape immersed in terraces that slope down to the sea and its thermal springs... Read more


Nicà (or Nikà, the Arab word for the pools where hemp for cloth used to be soaked) is found south-west along the perimetral road. In the hunting season,... Read more


Sataria's thermal springs are found to the south-west along the perimetral road. Located in a little creek and hidden in a beautiful cave, it is one of the... Read more

The Grotta del Freddo

The locals also call it "U pirtusu du nutaru", the notary's hole. It is found in the peculiar hamlet of Bukkuram. It sinks deep into the rocky mountainside,... Read more


Khazen hamlet is found on the south-west side of the island. Kazens were originally rural Dammuso or storage rooms for agricultural tools. Today many of... Read more

Benikulà Cave, or, The Dry Bathing

The Benikulà sauna is found on the ridge of the Montagna Grande and it is reached from the hamlet of Sibà. It is similar to Kazen's stoves but the hand of... Read more

The Favare

The area to the south of the Montagna Grande is dotted with Favaras of every dimension. Their queen, the "Favara Grande" (Big favara) is one of the most... Read more

Kuddìa Mida (Mida Hill)

Yet another beauty of the island, it is found on the western side of the Montagna Grande. It is a volcano with a wonderful and perfectly round funnel shaped... Read more
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